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2009 Racing Photos

The 2009 Season in the Books The last race of the year was a cold and exciting one from start to finish. Thanks to fall series race officer Paul Dehn and his effort to be a bit different, the last race of the year had an always exciting downwind start!
The L2 allowed for an intresting first downwind mark rounding as the fleet did not have a chance to spread out on and it seemed that we all got there at the same time. The race for the last gun could not have been closer. Paul had to close one eye as he looked down the line. Brisingamen, USA 18 and Veloce USA 706 were both helmed by fill in skippers Brian Biel and Grant Frautschi, an in the end it came down to inches at the finish. With the last gun going to Brian! congratulations. Don Sanford shots can be seen here. We have one last official event, and a chance to spin your tales about the 2009 season. November 6th is the Commodores banquet see you there.

Labor Day 2009

By Don Sanford Team
White Squall opted to take the power boat out for this year's Labor Day. My initial feelings of remorse over missing one more opportunity to sail were quickly erased as we approached the starting area. At 0930, Mendota was glassy. If this was iceboating season, we'd be thinking that we'd died and gone to heaven. Miles and miles of glare, perfect ice. Oops, it's September and that's water out there. Well, maybe the notion of being stinkpotters for a day wasn't such a bad idea after all.
PRO Ingeana wisely opted for a postponement. Was it intuition, something on the GPS plotter or just a report from Michu perched in the rigging of Good Vibrations (USA 51)? During the postponement, a couple of E boats and a couple of MC's arrived from Burrows Park at the end of a tow line behind RC2. The breeze began to fill and the decision was made to try and get our Labor Day race started. We sail for the Fox Cup, MYC's oldest continuously awarded trophy, first awarded in 1910. Labor Day races generate more stories than any other race during the season. These are the legends that bind us all together. Yes, I remember doing the entire race, once around and finishing in about 3 hours. And then that year it rained for most of the day. And there are the stories of long-ago skippers finishing the race around midnight. This year's race appeared to be shaping up to write another legendary chapter in MYC history.
I guess that I can best describe the start as, well, ... cautious. When the gun fired, the closest boat to the line was probably at least a boat length away. Javelin and Good Vibrations crossed the line first headed for clear air. Veloce', a few boat lengths behind struggled to avoid the impending blanket from Decoy (USA 36008). As these and many other boats tried to find some clear air near the boat end of the line, Jamie Hanson aboard Orca (H838) sniffed out a little breeze. Literally roaring up from a position 100+ yards behind the line and to far leeward of the rest of the fleet, Orca had her own private breeze and was first to round the mark off Tenney Park followed by the J 80's and the rest of the fleet.
I'm guessing that the next leg into University Bay was the beginning of the day's emotional toll assessed on all Labor Day skippers. Should we tack out into the lake? Stay near shore and hope for breeze? Where is that darn Brearly St. Bar anyway? Will I end up stuck in those damn weeds for the rest of the day? Do we have enough provisions aboard? An hour after the start, the fleet was scattered along the south shore with every skipper hoping that they'd drift into that secret pocket of breeze. A couple of boats made the decision then and there to retire. Had their skippers realized that the refreshment supplies would never last the day or that they knew it would be more fun to go home and watch the neighbor's paint dry? We'll never know.
Gosh, it's a long way back into University Bay, I thought. Is there even water that far in there? Veloce' managed to find a private puff and was now in the lead when she rounded the University Bay buoy around noon with Orca close behind. And here comes Annie Allen too. This race is beginning to get interesting.
We'd had about as much excitement as we could handle by then and opted to swing the wheel to starboard and head for home, taking in a leisurely tour of the lakeshore on the way. By the time we arrived at Ermer's pier, perhaps 45 minutes later, it was clear that the fleet had yet to round Picnic Point. I wondered if some skipper was about to crack under the strain and be taken away to a comfortable padded room with dim lighting for a rest. Passing Burrows Park we found Greg Simon, Bill Hanson and a fleet of Opti's enjoying a perfect breeze on a race course about the size of a baseball diamond. Maybe it was starting to fill in. I reported this to the race committee on the VHF, then signed off.
One more look as we left the lake. Oh, those poor devils, it's 1300 and they're just passing Frautschi Point. Well, so much for another 3-hour race like that one we had a few years ago.
September 8, 2009
MYC Labor Day 2009

August 12, 2009

Photos from the Victory Day race by Nick Haemel here.

August 5, 2009

Aerial Kite Photos Mike Mikkelson on Sunday during the Victory Day race captured a few ariel pictures from his kite up near the windward mark. The look great! Check out some of the great kite boarding shots from Burrows in the sports gallery. Those guys are crazy!

July 12, 2009


June 20, 2009 Payton Regatta

Lots more Payton Regatta photos here.

Jeff Russell's photos from June 10


 Jeff Russell's photos from Sunday, June 7.


Jeff Russell's photos from Wednesday, June 3.


May 27, 2009

Photo Credits: Tim Stanton

...Meanwhile at Burrows

Area youth to face obstacles in their championship Opti quest.

The Season Begins!

Here are some great photos from Jeff Russell from Sunday, May 24, 2009.
UPDATE: Here are more from Memorial Day.