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2005 Mendota Yacht Club Racing Photo Archives


September 5, 2005

Labor Day Races
Photo Credits: Tammy Sawyer
More photos can be viewed at Tammy Sawyer Photography.  (Note:  prior link is no longer valid, but Tammy has several websites with various scow photos, which can be discovered by searching on her name.  Her photos include many outstanding action shots.)

August 5, 2005

Photo Credits: Paul Dehn
Edgewater to Mariners Inn Race
Paul Dehn reports that the Edgewater to Mariners Inn Race started well on the Edgewater pier without an A Scow in sight. Due to wind conditions and a lack of pier space at the Edgewater, at the last minute the party was move to Don Anderson's boathouse where the party commenced. Many were heard to say this was one of the best races ever!

July 21, 2005 

M-20 Nationals Report
Photo Credits: Jeff Henniger
Here are some great photo's from the 2005 M-20 Nationals up at Lake Minnetonka. These photo's were taken by Jeff Henniger an MYC(Minnetonka YC) I-20 sailor. The Madison M-20 sailors did great both placing in the top five. In third place was Bill Bauer in M-20 650 and in fourth was Tom Reps in M-20 651. The regatta winner was a home lake sailor Andrew Tapper from the Minnetonka YC. The racing was tight and very competitive with the top four positions all decided by tie-breakers.

July 15-17, 2005

E Invite at Pewaukee 
Photo Credits:  Tammy Saywer

July 17, 2005

Hot Day
John writes, "Here are some J-80 photo's MYC's hottest one design sport boat fleet. They had a great race going this morning."

July 4, 2005

Photo Credits:  Dr. Robert Beilman

June 23, 2005 

Grant's Moon Light Gallery
Photo Credits: Grant Frautschi
"The moonlight race was a great race, though you might ask, where was the moon? Upon inspection of my GPS, it said that the moon would rise in the SE at 9:57PM. It did clear the horizon at about 10:17pm and was huge. The Moon Light Race is sometime hard to schedule because you need to check more then a calendar. Everyone had fun and the sunset was spectacular as you can see in the gallery. Come on out next year the moon will be there, I promise." Grant.
This is the only photo we could find from Grant's original collection, but it is a photo well-worth saving: