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December 22, 2010

Amendments to By-Laws Approved

At a special meeting of the Mendota Yacht Club on November 13, 2010, amendments to the Bylaws of the Mendota Yacht Club were approved. Members can see the following documents by navigating within the Operations menu:
  • APPENDIX: RECORD OF ADOPTION PROCESS Adopted November 13, 2010
  • BY-LAWS OF THE MENDOTA YACHT CLUB Amended November 13, 2010

November 16, 2010

Photo Credit: Don Sanford
More photos from the Fall Trophy Banquet posted here.
May 19, 2010

Hot Off the Press: MYC News


Join the Mendota Yacht Club

Spring is here and it is time to join the Mendota Yacht Club if you want to be included in the 2010 directory. Join here and even online!

Crewing Opportunities

If you are interested in crewing or looking for crew on a boat for the 2010 season there will be a few skippers looking to fill some positions. Send us an email with a few specifics, like when you can sail and some of your experience. Join the List.
May 1,2010


Islandpolloza was a great way to kick off the social season. Great island food, pink drinks, and friends on the dance floor not seen since last summer made for a fun filled evening. The concert DVD got us all in the mood for summer and a parrot worked the party!
(If you have pictures send them along because this camera wasn't the best.)
May 1,2010

New MYC News!

Read all about it at eBilgeboard 2010-04-30.
April 11, 2010

Sailor's Social

A great time was had by all this past Wednesday at the 2nd Annual Sailor's Social held at the Coliseum Bar. Approximately 125 sailors from around the greater Madison area came together to catch up with old friends, meet new ones, talk sailing, and and cheer on their favorite local club commodore. Six local Commodores stepped forward to represent their club in this years Commodore's Challenge which turned out to be a test the skill and ability to tie various knots while blindfolded, or behind their backs. Congrats to Mendota Yacht Clubs Commodore, Trey Sprinkman for taking home this year's trophy!!
Photos posted here.
April 6, 2010

Burrows Park Update

Burrows Park Users, It’s that time of year again! The Burrow’s Park Storage Contracts have gone out via email to last years boat owners. Please return the completed form and payment as soon as you can so I can send one to you. If you are in need of a contract, please, contact me so I can send one to you. A few reminders:
1. Contracts are due in before placing your boat at Burrows.
2. Boats will not be scored in any races until Burrows fees have been received.
3. Please do not leave trailers at the park, with or without boats on them, without prior approval for special events (such as regattas).
4. Please do not bring your boats into the park until after the pier-in work party is completed.
I look forward to seeing everyone at Pier-in.
Myles Sommerfeldt 2010 MYC Burrows Park Administrator

MYC Now in the Wisconsin Historical Society Archives

Wisconsin Historical Society archives now contain records of the Mendota Yacht Club, Madison, Wisconsin from 1903 through 2002. Read more on the Historical Records page.
February 19, 2010

MYC Sailors Rescued After J24 Sinks off Greneda

Via Don Sanford: In the oft-told annals of sailing in the chapter titled, "Everything was fine... and then it wasn't," we have a story for you. Lou Slamar of the Village Idiot crew sent this story and photos asking that I share it with all of you.
On January 30,2010, four MYC members: Gregg Lewis, Mike Moninger, Lou Slamar, Dennis Kennedy and skipper David Tod, a Canadian, went "down south" to participate in the Grenada Sailing Festival. You'll recognize Gregg, Mike, Lou and Dennis as crew on the J24 Village Idiot on Lake Mendota.
January 30 was a beautiful day on the water blowing 20-30 with gusts higher than that. Lou reports, "We were going down wind with no problem" when their fun was interrupted as they were "smacked down flat" on a spinnaker leg. "We were ready to take down the chute when the skipper either turned up to a close reach or the wind shifted and that was it." Though they released the spin sheet and halyard, the boat never came up.
Someplace along the line, the mast broke though Lou does not recall why or how that happened.
For a while, air trapped in the lazzerettes kept the boat afloat. Prudently, the crew had locked them before racing. The starboard one had a broken latch and they'd jury-rigged it closed. It finally failed and the cover blew open. The boat was gone in 15 or 20 minutes. All of the MYC sailors had life jackets on. The Skipper did not. Fortunately, the water was warm and a nearby photography boat came along right away and pulled our intrepid friends from the drink.
Our guys lost some personal possessions; cameras, dry clothing, eyeglasses, etc. but everyone is safe and sound. The Grenada Yacht Club had insurance on the boat, the skipper and crew had no liability.
Lou says that he has Googled j24 sinkings and found out that this is more common than he imagined. You can see the rest of the story in the newspaper article.
PS "Note to self, check the latches on lazzerettes before launch day!
January 2009
MYC Members,
We recently became aware that our good friend, sailing competitor, and Board member Stu Seffern, and his long-time partner Debbie Loiselle, died when their single-engine plane crashed at the Joliet Regional Airport, near Chicago. Stu and Debbie were returning from a trip to Orlando, Fl.
Stu has been a member of MYC for decades, and a was regular crew member aboard "Wild Thing", Bill Shelton's E-Scow, H 101. Stu was always willing to share his opinions on sailboat racing, flying, motorcycles, ice boating, and local politics with us; we were happy to listen, because our take on things really mattered to him. Stu's interest in such activities not only showed his passion for life, but his selfless approach to such involvements showed his interest in, and again passion for, the lives of many in our community.
 Stu recently accepted a position on our Club's Board of Directors, immediately providing substantial innovative ideas and input, which the Board will be taking into consideration as 2009 and beyond initiatives are addressed; he of course was also a magician when it came to tackling and resolving carpet condition challenges.
In 2006, Stu volunteered to organize our"celebrity gunners," local politicians who fired the harbor gun one hour before each race at the ILYA MC Invitational Regatta at Bishops Bay (pictured above with Sen. Fred Risser).
Stu and Debbie were substantial boosters of our club; they were seemingly at every social event, appreciating conditions, race results, the company of all, also occasionally providing friendly ‘water taxi’ services to those stranded on land or anchored at sea.
Andrew Lewis Commodore MYC

Website News

As the Commodore, I am excited to announce a major upgrade to our website. Every page is new and the layout will be great for fleet promotion as each fleet now has there own page! Debbie Whitehorse took many of Grant Frautschi's photos and new graphics and laid out a clean and functional site. Together over the last few weeks Debbie and Grant work many hours so that our site will be the envy of the sailing community. Don't miss Don Sanford's first 30 years of MYC on the Historical Records page. Have fun exploring the new site and let me be the first one to say Great Job!
May 20, 2006

Vice Commodore's Report

Mendota Yacht Club Sailors:
The Board of Directors have met under very demanding circumstances. We recognize that there is a lot of uncertainty amongst the members of our organization at this time and I have therefore put together this update.
First and foremost, as most of you know, PRO Bill Ward was involved in an accident which has hospitalized him. An email regarding his progress and condition was sent out recently, and it is my understanding information on his progress will continue to be dispersed. Needless to say, he is in my thoughts and prayers, as I'm sure is the case with all of us.
While Bill continues to work on his recovery, the Mendota Yacht Club has been blessed with volunteers to fill the void for PRO duties. I wish to assure all of you that racing will go forward this year as scheduled. Here is where we currently stand:
Tim Stanton has stepped forward and volunteered his talents and time to serve as PRO for the Sunday racing program. Tim will also be serving as PRO for the Sunday afternoon A-scow class racing. He has graciously offered his time and services for the entire season, providing us with skills, experience, and talents which will be consistently applied to these dates. Tim has provided these talents time and again on Lake Monona, and joins us now in our program. Please join me in welcoming Tim into this position and also supporting him in every way that you can.
Anma Ingeana has heard the call and has volunteered to run the Friday night A-scow class race program. Anma, in addition to being a past Commodore of the Mendota Yacht Club has been serving as ROA for the Friday night series for three years now and is very experienced in this position. In an effort to aid her transition from ROA to PRO, I have volunteered to serve as RC for Fridays as the need arises.
I am overwhelmingly pleased and very confident that this transition will happen smoothly. I ask that all of you offer your unique talents in helping these two develop their skills and that you show them the understanding and patience that will be needed in the beginning. Bill Ward made this all look so simple with his dedication to perfection. I know that the quality of racing we enjoy on Mendota will not diminish with this transition. I also know that in the beginning there are going to be some lessons to learn, but again, with this kind of talent, it will all come together very quickly.
This brings us to Wednesday evening and Saturday morning. At this time, a number of volunteers have stepped up to the plate and will be filling in as interim PRO's. Of special note, Grant Frautchi and Bill Hanson are making a HUGE effort on our behalf and will be alternating for the first weeks of our program. At this time, MYC is searching for two PRO's to fill these days. We have a number of potential leads that we are following up on, and I remain optimistic that we will indeed have the right people for the job in place shortly. Until that time, PLEASE, if you have any suggestions, ideas, or volunteers, pass that information along to me so that the Race Committee can address the concern. In one instance, an individual that would have been an exceptional fit for one of the PRO positions became disinterested due to the volume of calls and emails from numerous sources, citing that it appeared the amount of pressure from our organization was more than this individual was interested in dealing with. I cannot stress enough the importance of working together on this. That said, ANY suggestions you have or any names you know of, please forward them on to me. NO ideas are being dismissed or overlooked.
It is worth noting that the volunteers we have for Wednesdays and Saturdays are communicating to me that they are willing to continue filling PRO positions while a more consistent volunteer is located.
I need to give special thanks to Carl Fritzner, our RC. Carl has worked very hard and has offered his unique services as always. Having Carl continue to serve MYC at the helm of RC2 provides the PRO's with experience we couldn't otherwise offer at this time. I know that Carl will selflessly and professionally help bring these new faces up to speed quickly, while maintaining the racing we are all accustomed to. Thanks Carl.
At this time, Bill Hanson has completed mechanical repairs to RC1. Don Sanford has come forth with the time and expertise to install new electronic equipment on RC1, including color weather radar (real time) and an updated radio system. A few odds and ends need to be addressed (trim work, etc) but the boat is ready, and will be in the water for Wednesdays season opener. I completed repairs to the lift over the weekend, and all remaining lift sections were installed with the help of Todd Tiefenthaler on Wednesday evening. Don Sanford kindly picked up our equipment from Bill Ward, and I'll be meeting with him after the E-Spring Regatta this weekend to make certain all the things necessary to race are on board and accounted for.
There are SO many people who have been instrumental during this time. I am overwhelmed by the number of phone calls, emails, and meetings where the members of our organization have come forth time and again. When I accepted the position of Vice Commodore, I never thought that I would face such a huge challenge. I cannot stress strongly enough just how impossible what we've accomplished so far would have been without all of you who have CONSISTENTLY been there, provided your expertise, your skills, and your friendship. From the bottom of my heart, my most sincere thanks. I apologize for my shortcomings in this endeavor, and hope you understand that I cannot possibly list each and every one of you in this much space. You're just too many....
More to come....
Paul E. Dehn
Vice Commodore
Race Committee Chairman
Mendota Yacht Club