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2011 Social Photos 

More Payton Regatta Photos from Don Sanford

                            PRO Anma Ingeana is all smiles after two days and sixteen starts.
 Phil Zalog and the "Crazy 8's" team            Stefan Schmidt                                Eric Simonson and his team
        winners in Class E                           winner in the MC class                  from the J80 "Javelin". Winners in                                                                                                                       the Keelboat division and
                                                                                                             this year's winner of the Mallory Cup

July 3, 2011

July 3rd: Perfect Day For an After Race Party!
Too bad there was not a race to have a party after, but that did not dampen the festive event hosted by Keith Kreps and Wendy Peterson. The showcase of the this event was Keith's world famous Bloody Marys made with his own special infused pepper vodka. Beer chasers, mimosas, and bagels made this a very upscale party. Great food and friends made this the best event so far this season thank you Keith, Wendy and Nikki for setting the party bar so high! Check out the photos and see what you missed or how great you looked.  (The first photos in the album show what fun we had on "mirror" lake - good thing Anma hauled the scows back to Burrows!  The photos at the end of the album are of the party.)

June 18, 2011

Payton Regatta Steak Feed A Sizzling Success!
Around seventy people attended the Payton Regatta Saturday social. It was a new idea and a new location, a steak feed and pot luck at the Maple Bluff Beach. It was supposed to be a grill-your-own event but thanks to Steve Holtzman's master grilling skills everyone had a perfect steak.
Grant's Nesco baked potatoes and the other countless other delicious items that came out of the woodwork made this pot luck a hit. Who knew whe had such good cooks in our club?
The kids loved the jungle gym and especially the S'mores.
The webmaster would love a recount in detail of the regatta and the party if someone would write something up.
Thank you to Steve, Scotty, Martha, Bill, Jerry, Donny, Don, Grant and the MC fleet for all the help. Here are pictures from the party.

March 8, 2011

Bowling Was a Strike!
See photo album 2011 Old Social - 9 Bowling for these shots: 
  • Team Gorwitz
  • Via Grant Frautschi: "With beer frames, strikes, splits, and black lights how could you not have fun at the MYC bowling event? It was not about the score for me (which is good because I not sure if I even broke 100) but, Terri (Tess her bowling moniker), on my team had her best game ever- a 233!
  • Twenty-four people bowled, and at least 35 showed for pizza and beer; not bad considering we were competing against the Northwest Iceboat Banquet. Even the kids bowled because this was family fun.
  • It was great to get all our summer friends together and more then a few asked when we are going to do this again. So you missed this social event never fear, the next one is the Sailor Social on Wednesday, April 13th and we will see you there!"
  • Man thats a lot of strikes!
  • Team Veloce
  • Scotty show his stuff, looking good
  • Team Anderson
  • The Social Chair in good form!