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2015 Racing Photos


Sunday Racing Photos - September 6, 2015 

Photo credits:  Andy Jackson

The wind blew nicely on this steamy morning and it helped cool off racers and observers on a day that went above 90 F by mid-afternoon at Bob Yost's Hot Dog Fest after the races.
Check out some of Andy's great photos of highly-contested races. Then follow the links to see more photos of your choosing.  To scan through them quickly you can click the photos within the albums - or you can let the album displayer show you the slide shows at a more leisurely pace.
Race Highlights

Observer Highlights
Links to Full Photo Sequences and Race Results
At the party after the races, all were thankful for the cooling onshore breeze, the shade trees, Scottie Louther's tolerance of the grill heat as he cooked up some great hot dogs, Mary Ann Farley's delicious and graciously-served chocolate chip cookies, Liz Tiefenthaler's contribution of a nice fruit salad, and Bob's hosting of yet another successful end-of-season party. 

August 26, 2015 

photo credits:  Andy Jackson
There wasn't much wind but 6 E's & 6 MC's and 10 Keelboats came out to enjoy the beautiful evening.  Bill & Jane Hanson did the honors on RC1 and Andy Jackson caught lots of boat reflections on the water in these shots.  On the last leg the wind picked up for a fun finish, making it easier for the E's and MC's to make their way back to Burrows while the Keelboaters headed back to their moorings.  Check out the race results at Current Season Standings.
For some great tactical sequences (albeit often pretty droopy spinnakers), see 2015 Races 08-26.  Here are a few really nice ones:

May 27, 2015 

photo credits:  Jeff Russell
On an absolutely beautiful evening, albeit light wind challenging course-side selection at each mark, 7 E scows, 5 MCs, and 16 Keelboats challenged each other for the first Wednesday evening race.  Jeff caught these Keelboats duking it out at the first spin-set . . .
. . . and a great framing of our capitol building by these MCs. 
See his other shots at 2015 Races 05-27 and be sure to checkout the Current Season Standings, efficiently posted by our scorer Brian Louther, using source data managed from RC1 by PRO Tim Stanton.  You'll see how the Wednesday evening shaped up as well as the results from the souls who braved the Memorial Day blow and all the Spring Series results for our keel boaters.
Hey Robert, what was Redline doing out after sunset?

And they're off! - May 16-17, 2015

first stories & pics of the season by PRO Tim Stanton
MYC kicked of the season this past weekend with the first keelboat racing. Saturday had relatively light winds and we had 5 boats compete for the first gun. Eidolon vanquished it’s foes in both races of the Keelboat I class with Village Idiot dominating the Keelboat II fleet. The second race of the day finished with identical results.
The Sunday race was more sporting, with winds having increased and a chance of rain added to the mix. Five boats came to the assembly area. Four boats crossed the starting line. Three boats crossed the finish line.
Veloce was out early testing the winds and waves and had an early equipment malfunction. At the start, Eidolon shut the door on Mercurius at the line then broke it’s lower rudder pintle right as the gun went off. Mercurius circled around to take another run at the start but as she came back towards the line, she had troubles turning down to pass below RC-1. A high pitched voice was heard screaming BEAR OFF!! BEAR OFF!! while the PRO was having visions of the Stockholm ramming the Andrea Doria flashing through his head until Mercurius’ skipper masterfully piloted her down and in a flash of inspiration, burnished her waterline on the chrome swim ladder of RC-1 as she passed by. The Keelboat II fleet with Village Idiot and #Life is Hard taking a more calm approach to the start.
With the winds approaching 25 kts and a storm suddenly popping up on the radar, the course was shortened to 3 legs. Amazingly, Eidolon sailed the entire race using sail trim to steer the boat as the tiller was ineffective and she finished the race several minutes ahead of all other competitors. Mercurius apparently retired while Village Idiot took another bullet in the Keelboat II fleet.
Kudos to all sailors that came out for an eventful first weekend of sailing for 2015.